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Redefining Redistribution
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    Frequently Asked Questions:


    1. Why purchase through Logistics if I am already a distributor for a manufacturer?

    Because we offer many cost-saving opportunities by allowing you to place one order, for one shipment, on one invoice, and enjoy the benefits of our mix-n-match freight policy, you maintain your access to the manufacturer's programs, and you gain the personalized attention to your business that our dedicated Sales Representatives offer!

    2. Will the manufacturer still recognize my sales volume, even if I buy through Logistics?

    Yes. We work very closely with the manufacturer's direct sales force and provide monthly reports to each manufacturer showing them every detail of your account activity.

    3. Does Logistics ever sell to end users?

    Absolutely not! At Logistics, we operate as an extension of the manufacturer and only sell through distributors like you. We never sell to end users. We never compete with our customers.

    4. Where are your distribution centers?

    Our nationwide distribution system relies on six regional shipping hubs. They're in Reno, NV; Grand Prairie, TX; Cincinnati, OH; Edison, NJ; Orlando, FL and Charlotte, NC. Logistics reaches most US destinations within two business days.

    5. How do I become a Logistics Customer?

    It's very easy to buy from us. You can start the process by filling out a New Account Profile form online, or give us a call at 866.577.4477. We have a Sales Representative dedicated to servicing new accounts. We'll need a simple credit application and a copy of your resale certificate.

    6. How long will it take to set up my distributor account?

    An account number can be assigned to your account usually within one business day.

    7. Does Logistics require a minimum order?

    There are no minimum orders on products Logistics carries as in-stock. However, orders for products that are considered "non-stock" or "custom" are subject to the discretion of Logistics and its manufacturing partners.

    8. Will Logistics drop ship?

    You bet, and we drop ship to your customer for FREE! - with no additional fees.

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    If you have other questions, require additional information, or need further assistance, please feel free to Contact Us.

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